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Caregiver Appreciation Day

Caregiver Appreciation Day

November 13th is Caregiver Appreciation Day, and the elder law attorneys at Woods Law Office would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the wonderful caregivers in Michigan. It takes a special person to manage an elderly person’s needs. Whether you are a hired professional or a family member, caregiver responsibilities require compassion, patience, and understanding, and Woods Law Office salutes the individuals who possess these qualities. When it is time to choose a caregiver for a senior family member, there are several important factors to consider – some of them legal in nature. Woods Law Office can help with the power of attorney issues, elder estate planning, Medicaid planning, and more. We can assist families in ensuring that elderly family members receive the ultimate care, protection, and planning for the future.

Issues to Consider When Choosing a Caregiver for a Senior Family Member

When a beloved elderly person can no longer take care of themselves, a sensitive issue presents itself. Extra help is needed, but you want to ensure that the person who will provide this assistance is trustworthy, reliable, and well-protected in their own rights. The bond between a caregiver and the person receiving care is special, but there are also legal issues to consider.

For example, will the appointed caregiver receive monetary compensation? And, if so, how much? Also, how much authority will this caregiver have over the elderly person? Will they control all or part of their finances? Will they be responsible for making medical appointments and administering medication? Finally, in the case of elder abuse, will the senior get the necessary legal protection?

Luckily, an experienced elder law attorney can assist with these issues and more. We will guide you through every step of the legal process involved in selecting a caregiver. In addition, if the senior in question is a veteran, we will provide answers to your questions about veterans’ rights and benefits.

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If you are dealing with issues such as the power of attorney appointment, estate planning, elder crisis management, elder abuse, or Michigan Medicaid eligibility, call Woods Law Office at (586) 532-8970. Or, if you have any questions about our firm, our attorneys, or the services we provide, please reach out to us through the contact form on our website.

Woods Law Office Caregiver Appreciation Day

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